My friends from Richmond felt it apparently. I didn’t even know it happened :P Did you feel it?

No, I didn’t feel it, I live in Alberta.
I remember an earthquake once when I was living in Ontario, not something I’d like to experience often that’s for sure. Super scary feeling.

  1. @lazelham said: Wait there was an earthquake?

  2. lumberjackette said: …there was an earthquake? I live in Richmond and didn’t feel anything….

Yep, 6.7 just S of Port Hardy

any of you from BC feel that earthquake?!

Hope everyone is alright and safe.

Anonymous asked: who are you rooting for?!

to be honest, I’m not 100% sure I am cheering for anyone specifically lol
I have teams I’d prefer to win over the other, but I’m not rooting for one team to win the cup.
I think I might like to see Dallas win..or St. Louis, for my favourite Lappy :) 

I’m bitter and jealous of them all haha

NOOO. nooooooooo

why did that just happen?! ugh,.

omg yes, TIED UP!

commmmon Tampa!

I can’t handle a Montreal sweep…

He’s killing me hahaha

He’s killing me hahaha


so Brad appears to be enjoying Coachella

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